The Future Of Our Children With Organic Foods

In the western world we are blessed with abundance beyond the wildest dreams of our forefathers. No culture before has had the choice of living in such decadent luxury as ours. I would love to see us all begin to fully love our Creator, and be extremely grateful for what He has given us.

Currently around half of the western world’s population is overweight. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attack, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more are reaching epidemic proportions. Yet these are just symptoms of modern day living. Before fast food, intensive farming methods, crop spraying, genetically modified foods and cooking, our ancestors thrived on the raw food diet. Life wasn’t as cosy for these people, but they were lean, healthy, connected and sane.

Compare the lifestyle of our ancestors with the insane culture we are part of today. Animals are reared for food without natural light, fed antibiotics daily and don’t have enough room to walk or run. They queue up at the slaughterhouse knowing they’re going to die, with masses of adrenaline circulating around their bodies. That adrenaline stays in the meat. People then eat the meat (and other animal parts) after they’ve been coated in batter that contains artificial chemicals and have been deep fried in metal pans full of three-week old oil. Why are we shocked when our loved ones go insane?

People can only thrive on the food they’re meant to eat. We were never meant to eat most of the food that you see on stupormarket shelves. The only way to fix the fundamental issues in our society is to change what we are made of. To rebuild our world we must start by rebuilding ourselves. Everything else will then follow with no effort at all. You are what you eat, so if you eat food grown with love, made with love and eaten with love, you become love. Food grown and raised with fear creates fear in the person eating it. Intensively raised animals make for intensively raised people. You can see it when you look at people, once you tune in. Wild and strong food makes for wild and strong children. Wouldn’t you just love your child to be wild, strong and free?

Children don’t deserve to be poisoned at every mealtime by food their bodies don’t recognize. Children deserve to have access to real food at all times. It’s important that all children and their parents understand which foods cause them harm and which ones love them to life. As long as we leave the decision-making up to the institutions such as schools and hospitals, our children will not gain optimal health and they won’t be as smart and happy as they could be. Mothers and fathers: please reclaim the responsibility for your children’s health, now.

Let’s all start the sane food revolution. Let’s all say yes to raw, organic, home-grown, wild, ocean-grown, reiki’d up love food. Let’s recreate a sane, beautiful and loving world for our children to grow up in.

Don’t panic, it’s organic

When people argue that non-organic food is OK to eat, I look at them with vague amusement. Why would anyone accept food that has been so messed about with? Can they really deny that the accumulation of thousands of toxins in our bodies creates havoc in the end? Why do they assume we can assimilate these toxins with no side-effects, when so many of them are new to us? Don’t they see that people are unhealthier with these chemicals present in our lives, than before when they didn’t exist? Do they never think “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, therefore mixing a cocktail of chemicals and ingesting it with every meal may cause untold damage? I would never take that risk, for my children or me.

A four-year £12m study funded by the EU has shown that organic foods do have more nutritional value than foods farmed using non-organic methods. The Quality Low Input Food Project, which took place on an English farm, grew both conventional and organic produce. The organic fruit and vegetables in the study contained up to 40 percent more antioxidants than the conventionally farmed goods. The organic carrots contained more vitamin C than the non-organic carrots, and the organic spinach, lettuces and cabbages were higher in minerals. For more information on the world’s largest study on organic food visit:

Dr Gabriel Cousens is vastly experienced in raw food nutrition and therapy. He runs The Tree Of Life (retreat centre) in Arizona, USA and has written countless books. One book, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, relates a study “An Anthropological Approach to the Evaluation of Preschool Children Exposed to Pesticides in Mexico” (Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 106, Number 6, June 1998). Dr Cousens features this diagram of four drawings. There are two drawings by children who had minimal exposure to pesticides, and two who had a high exposure to them. The difference is astounding. The children share a genetic and cultural background, eat the same type of foods and drink the same water. Not only could the pesticide-free children draw better, they had better recall and dexterity.

Intensively farmed non-organic foods are often only fertilized with the three minerals necessary for quick harvests (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). Sometimes up to sixteen minerals are used but when you consider there are over 90 known minerals, you can see that this method of farming short-changes us. If you pick a wild edible plant (or well-loved organic one) you will find it bestowed with a multitude of trace minerals, and higher levels of vitamins and enzymes, all of which we need to thrive.

If eating a high-mineral diet really interests you, try growing your wheatgrass, peashoots, sprouts and vegetables in a dilute mixture of Ocean Grown. Ocean Grow is a concentrated solution of sea minerals and can be added to all growing plants. Sea water contains every mineral essential for life, and so we absorb more minerals from those foods when we eat them. Ocean Grown says: “By restoring the full-spectrum of natural minerals, properly balanced, to the earth’s soil, Ocean Grown will do its part in preserving the environment”. I recommend reading Fertility from the Ocean Deep and Sea Energy Agriculture for more information about this issue. If you can’t find the Ocean Grown brand, then dilute your own sea water (one part sea water to ten parts water) and water your plants. You will even get more antioxidants in your food when you use sea water.

We always revert to raw foods

Our bodies are invigorated by and thrive on raw foods. Take away cultural programming and humans will normally only eat raw food. There are many stories of children who through highly unusual circumstances grew up away from “civilization”. Animals such as wolves have raised some of these children. Other children have fended for themselves, fully utilizing their natural instincts to thrive in the wild.

These feral children nearly always ate exclusively raw food, and when discovered were often in peak physical health. A great example of this is Memmie LeBlanc, the Wild Girl of Songy. One evening in 1731 the villagers of Songy (in the Champagne region of France) were shocked when a girl around nineteen years old walked into the village. She was covered in rags and skins, wore a gourd leaf on her head and was armed with a short baton. It is thought that thirst drew her to the village after the region had suffered its worst drought in 50 years. She had survived for ten years in the forests.

According to Julia Douthwaite in Rewriting The Savage, Memmie could run with immense speed and her physical dexterity was highly advanced. She would amaze the villagers with her powers and could catch rabbits and hares at their request. She could swim like a duck and was extremely dexterous in diving for and catching fish, which she would bring ashore in her teeth to gut and eat immediately. She had survived almost exclusively on raw flesh, fish, roots, fruits, branches and leaves. “It was noticed that everything she ate, she ate raw”. Although many tried, it was practically impossible to wean her onto any cooked food — she only ate raw and it seems her body knew what it needed.

There are other accounts of feral children with almost identical diets and traits and it proves almost always impossible or at least very difficult to get these children to eat a conventional western cooked diet. Indeed, according to Douthwaite, the attempts made to convert Memmie to a cooked diet very nearly cost her life.

Keep it in the family

Our culture has become dependent on fast, adulterated and processed foods. Preparing good, wholesome food is now alien to many parents and carers, and so subsequent generations remain disconnected from food preparation. In tribal communities around the world collecting foods and then preparing them takes center stage. This process unites families and tribal units. Each generation is witness to the skills needed to eat naturally and healthily.

Even if good food is prepared in the home, there now seems to be less emphasis on sharing this exciting and valuable practice. Children benefit greatly when they’re exposed to the magic of playing with ingredients, textures, flavors and smells. Given the chance, many children love to get involved. Let your children do that all the time and turn a blind eye to the mess, knowing that this is one of the most important lessons in their life. I’d love to see more kids in kitchens so they can in turn pass on the joys of real food to their offspring.